Using old stencils you have laying around can give you cool effects for lifting watercolor paint for soft effects that can be multilayered! Thank you very much!

So what I am doing is creating more light in my painting and getting that bokeh effect I see in my reference photo. Place your stencil where you want to lift the paint (whatever shape you want, flowers, leaves, etc would be cool) Using a damp stiffer brush scrub over the areas gently to lift paint, to lift more paint you can blot with a tissue over the wet area you can also get various shades of lifting.

This is my final effect. I also used saran wrap for texture on the bottom darker area to mimic twigs and such in the forest. Please let me know what you guys think? Do you like to lift up paint as a watercolor technique? What are your favorite things to paint?

Supplies I used for this project:

Arches 140 lb cold pressed paper 9x12:

Watercolor Paints: Sap green: ochre: sienna: brown: scarlet: tint: red:

Holbein Watercolor Kits:

12  5 ml tubes:

18  5 ml tubes:

24 5 ml tubes:

Brushes: My favorite: Princeton Black Velvet series brushes: 8: 2: 3/4: brush for lifting:

Circular stencil:

Exacto knife:

Water container I use:

Plastic wrap and Salt.