Hello, my fellow aqua composers!

'Tis the season for creativity, and I've stumbled upon a magical technique to add an extra layer of wonder to your watercolor masterpieces. Brace yourselves, as we explore the art of creating mesmerizing bokeh lights using a round sponge dauber and the mystical powers of masking fluid!

🎨 Unleashing Bokeh Bliss: A Step-by-Step Guide 🌈

Prepare Your Canvas with Wet-on-Wet Magic:
Start by creating a dreamy background using the wet-on-wet watercolor technique. This method ensures that your colors blend seamlessly, creating a soft and enchanting backdrop for your artwork. Need a refresher on wet-on-wet? Check out my detailed guide here.

Wet on Wet Background. I like to tilt my paper and let the colors flow together seamlessly.

Soaping Up the Sponge Dauber:
Take your round sponge dauber and transform it into a bokeh wizard! Soap it up generously with liquid soap, ensuring it's nicely damp. The soap acts as a magical barrier, allowing the sponge to glide smoothly on your paper. This additionally enables you to remove the masking fluid from the sponge once you have finished using it.

Dance of the Masking Fluid:
Dip your soap-soaked sponge dauber into masking fluid, and let the bokeh ballet begin! Stamp away on your prepared background, creating ethereal orbs of light. Don't forget to re-dip your sponge in masking fluid for a consistent and enchanting pattern.

Dab as many dots as you'd like!

Patience is a Virtue:
Allow the masking fluid to dry completely. This step is crucial, ensuring that your bokeh lights maintain their distinct, luminous form.

Intensify the Magic with Contrast:
Now, here comes the artistic crescendo! Revisit your background with the wet-on-wet technique and the same colors, deepening the hues to create a stunning contrast. This adds dimension and richness to your artwork.

Second Coat of wet on wet background color to make them more vibrant.

The Grand Reveal:
Patiently let your paper dry once again. Once it's dry to the touch, the moment of revelation arrives – gently remove the masking fluid. Watch as your bokeh lights emerge, like stars in a twilight sky, creating a breathtaking masterpiece!

Now the big reveal!

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Here's to a season filled with artistic delights and the joy of creating!

Warm wishes,

Nicole Courtemanche