So I have recently tried the Brusho Dry pigment crystals and they are sooooo much fun, you guys! There is a lot of possibilities with this magic pixie dust! This watercolor art tutorial is quick and easy!

Photo by Nina Luong / Unsplash

So the first thing I did to make the bookmarks was to tape off my paper in equal sections and spritz your paper with a water bottle. I used Arches cold press 140 lb paper.

So these pigments come in these cute little jars and a little goes a long way so I used thumbtacks to poke holes on the top of the jars in order to sprinkle the pigment on.

You can then take your paintbrush to swirl around or move the paint with the water bottle. So I added pigment and water till I came up with this.....

Once I had it nice and bright I cleaned up the excess water and paint, with a paper towel. Now let it dry completely!
The next step is to use stencils and your watercolors. I used a deep orange and quinacridone red. Make a very big puddle of cream consistency paint and start stenciling. Some tips to keep in mind are to keep your stencil steady and paint with a partially loaded brush so the paint does not seep underneath the stencil and wreck the effect. Paint just in the open areas then lift your stencil straight up.

As you can see it makes this beautiful effect!!

After your paper is completely dry, peel off the tape and cut your bookmarks apart. You can add a tassel for extra fanciness!

untitled image

Supplies I used:

Arches 140 cold-pressed: 9x12

Brusho crystals:


Stencil brush set:

Creativelass on Youtube